Maypop Hill Nursery specializes in native plants of the Southeast, as well as fruit and vegetable plants that grow well in the humid South. We sell our plants at the local community market in Clinton, Louisiana. Several times a year we attend garden shows in South Louisiana.

Look for our booth at LSU's Spring Garden Show every year. And check us out in New Orleans at the Botanical Garden events at City Park.


  • My Yard, a Louisiana Gardener's Notebook, 3-ring binder with ideas for practical landscapes; extensive lists and brief descriptions of native plants; 21 supplements on companions plants, medicinal native plants, other topics
  • Geaux Native! in Your Louisiana Yard,     paperback revision of My Yard, emphasizes practical gardening and low-maintenance landscaping

Both books are on the shelves in Baton Rouge libraries and in various others around Louisiana. They are also available for sale at Hilltop Arboretum and from our booth at garden events. Email us for more information and about ordering by mail.


To promote native plants as part of sustainable land use, we occasionally give PowerPoint slide shows on various gardening topics. You can find schedules for talks at

"Garden with Nature" looks at how gardeners can create useful outdoor spaces by making careful choices about goals, design, and stewardship.

"Inviting Birds into the Garden" gives tips for identifying native birds and providing for their needs (hint: less lawn + more shrubs and small trees).

"Wild about Wildflower" encourages everyone to learn about and protect local populations of wildflowers; native wildflowers make lovely additions to landscapes and provide vital habitat for butterflies, bees, fireflies, and other beneficial wildlife in a helthy, biodiverse environment

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