Maypop Hill Nursery specializes in native plants of the Southeast US,

as well as a few fruit and vegetable plants that grow well in the humid South.

We sell our plants at the nursery and the local community market in Clinton, Louisiana.

Contact us directly to ensure that we will be present at home or at venues.

Several times a year we attend garden shows in South Louisiana.

Check our booths and events, which are listed in the newsletter, also available by subscription.


 Putting Nature First on Your Southern Land, $20  (available at nursery, plant shows, and on Amazon)

        Out of print books which may be found in public libraries in Baton Rouge and other Louisiana cities

                    My Yard, a Louisiana Gardener’s Notebook

                     Geaux Native! in Your Louisiana Yard

Public Presentations

(information pages available on request)

  • Native Know-How
  • Gardening for Birds
  • Wild About Wildflowers
  • Plight of the Humble Bumblebee
  • Field Trips around Baton Rouge

       Click on thumbnail images below
to see full-sized photos of our nursery
and homestead.

Visitors are welcome to the nursery and to see our our ideas about    good land use, as opposed to landscaping.
While we are usually at home, it is best to email or call to make sure someone will be on hand.
We have many native plants on the property, either those species which are native to Louisiana or to other Southern states.
No manicured lawns here, just lots of trees large and small,
wildflowers, a prairie driveway, and edibles (fruit and vegetables).
We try to use permaculture practices and current trends that benefit the environment as well as our own desires to grow food.

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