Maypop Hill promotes Sustainable Practices

To protect the environment

  • reduce or eliminate pesticides and other synthetic chemicals
  • conserve water and protect soil quality
  • encourage biodiversity

To make effective use of land

  • replace unused, high-maintenance lawns with
             1. edible vegetables, herbs, fruit trees and vines
              2. practical trees and other plants for shade, privacy, mulch,      
               and habitat for beneficial wildlife
           3. ornamental plants to add beauty and year-round interest,
               especially native species appropriate to your climate
           4. create home landscapes that express individuality and regional     

  • use eco-friendly methods with compost and mulch, while reducing dependence on gas-powered equipment             
To enjoy outdoor activities
  • visit state parks, WMA's (Wildlife Management Areas), and other natural places to observe native plant communities
  • learn about nature--its plants, animals, ecology
  • let natural plant communities inspire you to re-create similar landscapes on your own land
    --dry, sunny areas can be planted with prairie plants                                           --poorly drained sites can be turned into rain gardens, ponds, or bogs               --windows exposed to blaring sun in summer can be shaded by small trees and shrubs    

         geaux sustainable!


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